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PRESTIGE PLUMBING currently has over 30 yrs. combined experience in residential, commercial and service plumbing. Thanks to you we are rapidly growing at a pace we would have never imagined. We have been and will continue to pride ourselves on our qualifications, experience, and general ''know how'' of all our employees. One of our many mottos is "GIVING BACK WHAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS TAKEN AWAY'' We all have worked for someone else at one point in time and have sat back and watched management or family members to owners not fix a problem but more or less cover it up due to inexperience. Then we had to bill for their hourly rate as well as trip charges. Oh, don't forget that overtime rate. Well, not anymore. As of January 1st, 2003 Prestige Plumbing has revamped the plumbing industry's service rates. NO MORE TRIP CHARGES& NO MORE OVERTIME EVER!!! We are truly going to ''GIVE BACK WHAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS TAKEN.'' Our licensed, experienced service men will be charging you for exactly what you should be charged for, the time you are dispatched till the time we are finished. And rest assured, if we don't know what your plumbing problem is, we WILL find out. It will not be covered it up.


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